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Busting NASCAR Myths...?

Every other Friday (between 3 pm and 7 pm, depending on qualifying schedules), Diandra Leslie-Pelecky joins Dave Moody to debunk popular misconceptions about NASCAR. From whether the new Gen-6 windshield will survive a 200 mph brake rotor to why there have been more cautions, no idea is to big to tackle.

What would you like to know? Tweet @drdiandra with your idea - or email. See if you can stump the busters!

NEXT SEGMENT: TUESDAY (Special!), Feb 2nd, 2016


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Energy Density


...the details that make cars go and cars go fast. Here are materials that will really get your attention. Video of fast cars and race car engineers are coupled with curricula that address National and State science and math standards. Our newer materials focus on energy, a topic of great importance for your students.



This is where you learn to go fast, prevent crashes and turn (right and left). A video glossary explains the jargon and why it's important to have the right amount of wedge, not be too loose or tight, and know when you're about to hit the chip. (This is the former stock car science website.)


...for yourself. Video segments teach you the things you wonder about watching a race, from safety to speed. Featuring drivers like Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon and Brian Vickers, plus the scientists and engineers responsible for their ability to go fast.

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