Feb 142012

The short answer:  Carbs suck and EFI squirts.

The long answer:

There will be more in this series on the switch to EFI, including an appearance Friday, February 17th at 5:30 Eastern time on Sirius Speedway with @DGodfatherMoody to bust some common myths about NASCAR fuel injection!

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  3 Responses to “Carb vs. EFI 101”

  1. […] car has a relay box, which acts sort of like Mission Control.  I’ve said before that the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the brain of the EFI system.  The ECU collects information […]

  2. Watch out Tim Brewer, there’s a new sheriff in town.

    Great tutorial. Your “short answer” made me laugh.

    It won’t be long before the green flags waves at Daytona.

  3. Nicely explained. Thanks Diandra.

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